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 Too Human

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PostSubject: Too Human   Thu Jan 01, 2009 2:18 pm

Too Human (AKA Too Human Part 1)
(My) Rating: 9.5/10
Console: Xbox 360 exclusive
Published By: Microsoft
Developed By: Silicon Knights
Release: August 19, 2008
Genre: Action, Adventure, (Minor) RPG

Well from the beginning of this game it grips you and pulls you into a story like none other. This game is based on the Aesir AKA the gods among the humans. They are the sworn protectors of the humans and will do anything to protect them, including giving their life. You are Baldur son of oden and in the start of the game, presumed dead. Throughout the game Baldur finds out he's been lied to by brethen gods and has heard truths from enemies he could not believe. The only "people" he can feel he can trust are the N.O.R.N.S. These creatures are non organic and live in cyberspace which is a major component in the game. The NORNS are split into three personality's but are one inorganic creature.
Alright Gameplay. This game is very innovative in the way in which you use your weapons and what they are capable of. For example you can either use pistols or rifle and both have UNLIMITED ammo, but you do need to reload them. With the swords, staves, axes, and hammers instead of that repetitive button mashing Silicon Knights lets you use the right analog stick to attack you enemies for quick and easy responses to their attacks. As in any RPG there is no difficulty levels it just gets harder as you progress, but the only difference is that as you level up your enemies do as well. Also the first enemies you fight take about one shot to take out with a melee weapon! but dont be decieved because as you go on they only get tougher and you feel like your getting weaker. No fear though because there are 5 classes of weapons and armor. 1) common, these come up as gray and white icons and nothing to special about them 2) uncommon, these come up as green and white icons and they usually have an empty ruin slot and one ability 3) rare, these are blue and white icons almost always have 1 ruin slot open and deal out 1-2 abilities 4) Exotic (MRC*) these come up as purple and white icons may have an open ruin slot and deal out 2-3 open ruin slots (*May Require Crafting) 5) Epic (Always Require Crafting) you find these and you're set nothing will stop you, they deal out 3-4 abilities and if they dont have 4 already they'll have 2 or 3 ruin slots open, and if you acquire a whole set of epic gear you unlock a special weapon for that armor set with no crafting required, The downside is they usually cost 20,000 to 60,000 bounty.
The Classes:
1) Champion- An All around character who can deal out a little bit above normal damage with all weapons and can take a considerable amount of damage. With almost any armor he can get almost any gear, but he has no special weapons he can get. This class is for pretty much anyone.

2) Beserker- A melee character who dishes a crazy amount of damage with any melee weapon. He is the only character who can use two weapons, but the armor he can get isnt that great and his gun use and health are the worst of all the classes. This class is for more experienced players who know how to kick some major ass and avoid damage.

3) Defender- A defensive class whose armor can take epic amounts of damage before he goes down. He is also the only character who can use the Shield and Sword combo. His health is moderate but his attacks are not the best. This class is good for players how are not confident about their gameplay.

4) Cybernetic- A gun totter character who deals damage with his guns. He can dish out major far range damage and can receive special epic guns. He is the only character besides the beserker who can use the cannon. Though his guns are great his melee is on the low side and should avoid close combat. This character are for gamers who just wanta shoot stuff with unlimited ammo and big guns.

I actually forget what the other class is because ive never used it but ive used all the classes above, but only beat the game with my champion.

I would recommend this game to anyone whose looking for something different in their game library and for gamers who like the game: Diablo, WoW, Fable, or Final Fantasy. The only reason i did not give this game a ten is because they do need to add more enemies, more accessible vendors and more customization on the classes.

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Too Human
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